Nike Elite Series ‘Elevate Collection’

Nike Elite Series ‘Elevate Collection’

Three of Nike’s Signature Athletes also happen to be some of the greatest athletes in the world. Known for playing at extremely high levels; Kobe, LeBron and Durant elevate their games even higher during crunch time. In order to cater to their intense play, Nike created the Elite series. The latest in the Elite Series is the ‘Elevate Collection’. Nike takes each athlete’s’ signature shoe and add elements that will better support their play when it is time for them to kick their performance up a notch. The Elevate Collection in this Elite series utilizes different hues of blue which serve as a representation of the sky. The Nike Elite Series ‘Elevate Collection’ will release on 05/15/2015.

($200) KD7 Elite ‘Elevate’


($225) Kobe X Elite ‘Elevate’


($275) LeBron XII Elite ‘Elevate’




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