Rest In Peace B.B. King

This morning it was announced that B.B. King passed away at the age of 89. When the news was confirmed it became quite evident the impact that the iconic Blues singer had on the world. Mr. King was more than an artist, he was an institution to all that loved music. For decades B.B. King and his faithful companion Lucille awed audiences all over the world. For those unaware Lucille is what B.B King named his guitar. Lucille’s legacy is just as big as the man that for years strummed her. The duo created timeless music that made you feel. Born in Mississippi on September 16, 1925,  King went on to hone his chops in Memphis, Tennessee. His talents earned him 15 Grammys, his first coming in 1971 for “The Thrill Is Gone”. Inducted into both the Rock and Roll as well as the Blues Hall of Fame, B.B. King will forever be a musical and American icon.

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