Scarface-Deeply Rooted

Uncle Face  is back with his new project “Deeply Rooted”. Once again he delivers the sort of product that his fans have come to expect from the veteran M.C.  On the song “God” feat. John Legend, Face imagines three different worlds. One in which he himself is God, one that finds God abandoning man leaving Satan to run the world for a day and one where we all find out at the end of our existence that religion is a lie.  John Legend lends his vocals for the hook as he powerfully sings: “Who listens when we pray?  Who pulls the strings of the wild as we struggle today? Will you show your face? I don’t wanna wait wait wait ’til I die, wait wait wait for my eyes to close smile on your child so he knows…God has a face”

Other standout tracks include “The Hot Seat” the highly anticipated “Do What I Do” feat. Nas, Rick Ross and Z-Ro, “Anything” and “Steer”. The album is 15 tracks of vintage Scarface, but if 15 is not enough you can purchase the Best Buy exclusive that includes 3 bonus tracks. The bonus tracks are “Exit Plan”, “Mental Exorcism” and “I Don’t Know”. Check out the video for “Mental Exorcism” and pick up “Deeply Rooted” out now.


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