Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em

Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em

The year was 1990 and America was right in the middle of the hip-hop explosion.  Most would recognize this as part of the golden era of hip-hop.  Hip-hop was starting to move into mainstream America.  It started to move from the hoods and ghetto’s of inner city to middle America.  Nothing made it more evident that hip-hop had arrived to the main stage then the release of MC Hammer’s “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em“album on February 12, 1990.  This wasn’t Hammer’s first album it actually was his third, but it was by far his most successful selling well over 10million records to date.  This album was the gateway for hip-hop in terms of becoming commercialized.  Its title track “U Can’t Touch This” busted down the doors of mainstream and put hip-hop on the commercial stage for good. MC+Hammer+pngHammer got a lot of back-lash from the hip-hop community for being what we would call, soft rap, pop rap or what have you, but without the commercial success of this album who knows if rap music would be receiving the mainstream recognition that it receives today as well as the wealth.  Lyrically it was not great but like all genre’s of music there was an audience for it and in Hammer’s case there was a large one.  Hammer will never go down as a lyrical genius but he definitely was a trend setter.  Whether he gets the credit or not, Hammer’s “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em” ground breaking album opened the eyes of music execs and they begin to start showing hip hop artist the money.

Track Listing:

  1. “Here Comes the Hammer”
  2. “U Can’t Touch This”
  3. “Have You Seen Her”
  4. “Yo!! Sweetness”
  5. “Help The Children”
  6. “On Your Face”
  7. “Dancin Machine”
  8. “Pray”
  9. “Crime Story”
  10. “She’s Soft and Wet”
  11. “Black is Black”
  12. “Let’s Go Deeper”
  13. “Work This”
During the year of 1990 there was also a nice collection of sneakers released during that year in conjunction with Hammer’s ground breaking album.  One of the most popular sneakers that debuted in 1990 was the Air Max III.  This shoe was later renamed after it was retroed and now called the more popular Air Max 90. nike-air-max-90-infrared This shoe was designed by none other than designer extraordinaire Tinker Hatfield.  He did some tinkering (No Pun intended) with the original Air Max I released in 1987.  This shoe was intended as a performance running shoe.  The shoe featured a new midsole made from two different pieces for durability as well as increase the size of the air max unit.  The shoe also has higher cut than its predecessors.  The most popular color way is White, Black, Grey, and infared.

There was also a hot cross trainer that was released in 1990.  This was  Bo Jackson’s Signature shoe when he played for the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Royals during the early 90’s.  The Bo knows slogan which was one of Nike’s most successful ad campaigns put this shoe in the category as one of the most sought after.  This shoe have retro’d over the years, with the orange white and purple continuing to be the most popular color way to date.    

bo jackson cross trainers

We at Sole Muzic would like to know what hot sneaks you were rocking in 1990 and what muzic were you listening to as well.   Let us know and stay tuned for the next edition of the Diamond Collection!!!  

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